Canyon Padre bridge as it is now
Exploring the Canyon Padre Bridge near Flagstaff.
Cienega Creek Bridge Pima County AZ
Known as Arizona's longest open-spandrel bridge, the Cienega Creek Bridge ws constructed in 1921.
Pretty area around Post Office Deck Bridge
On Fort Apache Reservation in eastern Arizona, ADOT is working to replace a 50-year old bridge deck.
Throwback Thursday Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge construction night work photography
Daunting engineering challenge or monster B-movie material? We are looking at a tangled web for Throwback Thursday.
Bridge elements with parts labeled
Ever wonder how a bridge, whether it be a stately metal connector over a canyon or a concrete slab over a wash, comes into being? And why they take the form they do? Well, let us tell you!
Art of Transportation bridge rivets Cochise Stronghold
A close up shot reminds us that it's no small thing to pay attention to the details.
Highway picture
The Chevelon Creek bridge may not be part of a transcontinental highway anymore, but that doesn't make it any less impressive.
Ruthrauff bridge pour
You may have missed the actual work, but you won't have failed to notice that a concrete pour has happened on our project at I-10 and Ruthrauff.
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