Newsletters and Communications

Newsletters and Communications

DBE Supportive Services Program publishes a biweekly DBE Newsletter which is distributed to all DBE firms and other interested parties. The newsletter contains valuable and insightful information on current industry topics and highlights upcoming DBE Supportive Services events and programs along with contracting opportunities for DBE firms and the small business community.


Newsletters - Current and Past Issues:

2024 Newsletters

Month Newsletters for that month
May May 5; May 16
April April 4; April 18
March March 7; March 21
February February 8February 22
January January 10; January 25


2023 Newsletters 

Month Newsletters for that month
December December 7; December 21
November November 9; November 22
October October 12; October 26
September September 14; September 28
August August 18; August 31
June June 1; June 22
May May 5; May 18
April April 6April 19
March March 2March 16
February February 3February 16
January January 5January 13



2022 Newsletters 

Month Newsletters for that month
December December 2December 16
November November 4November 18
October October 12October 21
September September 9September 22
August August 4; August 23
June June 17; June 30
May May 5May 19
April April 7April 21
March March 10March 23
February February 10February 24
January January 13January 27



2021 Newsletters
Month Newsletters for that month
December December 9December 23
November November 8November18;
October October 4October 21
September September 2September 23
August August 13;
July July 15July 29
June June 10June 24
May May 13;  May 27 
April April 1April 15April 29
March March 4March 18
February February 4February 17
January January 6January 21

If you have relevant news and information that you would like to share with DBEs and other small businesses through our newsletter, contact the Supportive Services staff at 602.712.7761 or email [email protected]

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